About us

Premier Healthcare's mission is to educate and train Nursing Assistants to provide unsurpassed level of personalized quality care. While we train our students to pass the written and skill exams, we emphasize the importance of quality of life and how they can make residents and patients feel cared and comforted, especially when they are no longer able to speak or ask what they need or want.

Our vision is to produce high quality outcomes where Nursing Assistants focus on excellence, exceptional customer satisfaction while maintaining a culture of compassion, respect and quality personalized care.

Premier Healthcare CNA training is a 102 –clock hour program. The classroom training places high emphasis on quality care through lectures, videos, role-play, sharing life’s experiences, demonstration and return demonstration of learned skills.  This interactive learning experience prepares the students to provide hands-on care at the medical facility- training site under the supervision of a licensed nurse instructor. Students will be exposed to different kinds of resident and patient population with multiple physical, psychological and emotional needs.  They will learn how to listen and communicate, provide quality care and learn how to use medical equipment safely. The knowledge and skills that the students gain from the classroom and their clinical rotation prepare them to pass the State license examination to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.